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Twenty years in Key West shaped this artist's colorful whimsical style. Working in oils, watercolors, pastels and acrylics, she paints and draws the world around her. Her cats, the hurricanes, or the changing light on the Indian River are all sources of inspiration. Original paintings and prints of these efforts decorate her colorful Cocoa Village studio/classroom where during the summer months she happily shares all she knows about art with future artists.


Carolyn's hobbies also include drawing. She is a veteran of many archeological digs in South America where she does on-site mapping and recording of artifacts, and will find any excuse to draw in court. The John Gotti trials in Brooklyn, New York marked the beginning of her lifelong fascination with trial drawing.                      


Originally from Long Island, New York, Carolyn studied art at the University of New Hampshire and recieved a BFA in painting. She lives with her Search and Rescue husband ( a real life hero, now retired) and their occasional cat. Her work is in collections around the world.

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